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Who I am

Web is my obsession, Jordan is my country.

I'm a proud Jordanian, born in Amman. Raised in a non-techie family, whom I love. A big soccer fan. Found my path the digital way. Nerd could be misleading so let's keep it as a Geek. Holding a high GPA Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems - Information Technology from the University of Jordan. Coming from a technical base, at first I've worked in System/Business Analysis, and Software Testing at day, SEO, Web Development, Online Marketing, Web Monetization & Blogging at night. Technology by day, Society & Reform by night. Created Jordanoholic Online Community, at a couple of these nights, aiming for a positive change in my beloved country!
Currently, I'm a Senior Product Manager at Souq.com, leading the customer platform of the e-Commerce leader of the Middle East, by day and night!

  • Panelist at the Role of Social Media Session, World Economic Forum, Oct2011.
  • Participant & Panelist at King Abdullah II close Meeting with Jordanian Youth, Aug2011.
  • Speaker at TEDx PSUT, Dec2011.
  • Participant at King Abdullah II & Cisco Founder, ICT Healthcare Taskforce Meeting, Media Leader at WEF.
  • Participant & Panelist at the Minister of Foreign Affairs Meeting with Jordanian Youth, Sep2011.
  • Participant at the Minister of Information & Communication Technology Meeting with Jordanian Youth, Aug2010.

What I Do

I think numbers, I think conversion rates. Data-Driven, Result-Oriented Product Manager, Scrum Owner & Master, who's life is centered around improving business KPIs. Hands-on building, initiating, prioritizing, executing, tracking, managing & iterating metric-driven products. I lead engineers and testers through releases to move the needle. I also build, develop and optimize websites. I build and optimize digital marketing strategies. I drive and improve organic, social and referral traffic, I reach targeted clients and visitors who are interested in specific contents and services. I build and optimize online advertising campaigns. I monetize webpages, I live and make money online.

Area of expertise: Web Product Management. Strategic Product Roadmap Planning, Execution, Rollout & Benchmarking. Scrum. E-Commerce. Search Engine Optimization. Algorithmic SEO Automation. On-site Search. Merchandising. User Experience. Responsive Web Development. Online Communities. Online Marketing. Business Analysis & Business Development.

Proven Success and Major KPI's Improvements at: On-site Search Platform Algorithm/Logic for optimized discovery & relevancy. Online Shopping User Experience. Page-by-Page Click Through Rates. Shopping Cart & Checkout Conversion Rates. Mobile Responsive Products for optimized conversion rates. A/B Tests to maximize conversions. Merchandising & Marketing Platforms Management. Search Engine Optimization - SEO Organic Traffic & Revenue.

e-Commerce, e-Payment Gateways, Product Management, Business Analysis, Software Testing, Digital Marketing, Group Buying, Social Shopping, Online Advertising, Online Community Building, Blogging, Content Management Systems Customization, Websites Building and Development, Social Media and SEO.
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