Nokia N9 Review, A Great Yet Dead Man Walking!

January 14th, 2012 | Gadgets Reviews | by RaniDababneh

I know it’s late but I’ve recently received the Nokia N9 to experience for couple of weeks so here I will post my brief review.

When you first play with the device, you’ll touch the – late – great shift in Nokia Mobiles, which used to be the leader before the smartphones era. The device has a unique design that’s not like iPhone, Galaxy S, nor LG, and an “interesting” operating system. So you might love the device but before you read the news that came after the Nokia N9 release, as unfortunately Nokia published the news that they will no longer deal with “MeeGo” the Linux based operating system they have used for the first and last time to run the N9, as MeeGo is moving to a new project, tizen, themselves.

Nokia N9 ReviewNokia has been trying to catch up with the SmartPhones revolution as they went for “Maemo” Operating System to run their N900 last year, as a change from their ancient Symbian OS, which was also used on the N8, then they decided to go for “MeeGo” to run N9 and actually stopped right there for the big change that to switch to Microsoft Windows Mobile OS.

Back to Nokia N9; why should you care if its operating system is no longer there? Well, If you’re TOTALLY ok with the specifications and features that it has now, beside the pre-installed apps and games with couple of more options to download – unlike iPhone or Android Google Market numerous apps – then go for it. Otherwise, don’t; as there will be no updates, for software and apps on the long run, which might mean that you have a device that’s actually dying. So if you’re in deep love with Nokia and want a mobile that shouldn’t be dying that quick then you should be considering their new lively Windows Mobile 7.5 Nokia Lumia 900.

Nokia N9 Review, A Great Yet Dead Man Walking!

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  • Never

    Well, software support for MeeGo is supposed to last till year 2015, which is longer than most of other devices can get, and that is iPhone included…

    • Suneet Panesar

      PR 1.1 already available for the N9 (1st update)
      PR 1.2 offered to developers at the moment… (2nd update)

      Don’t say that Nokia is not going to provide any updates for the N9

  • Rinslowe

    Where’s my post?

  • Rinslowe

    Challenging opinions sparks interests and debates. Deleting posts when they offer ideas different to your own is just not on!

  • gimmy a

    I like a good camera phone. I recently bought a Nokia N9 and it takes good pictures, but the touch screen is not so responsive and malfunctions twice within six weeks after I bought a new N9. Both instances the screen freezes. I took it to Nokia to repair and the technician advised that he will upgrade the software. The second instance I requested that Nokia replaced the phone, but they declined. Still the problem persists. The N9 is a problem phone. I will never buy a Nokia again.