What is a Geek?

June 26th, 2011 | Wide Web | by RaniDababneh

The definition of  a “geek” is changing over time, hence people are no longer agreeing on a definite meaning and taking geek definition as a controversial topic.

A geek, for me, is someone who is obsessed about something, and most importantly, turns this obsession into a tangible product or service. A nerd is obsessed as well, but not necessarily turns obsession into something. A nerd could fail, more often. A geek is more practical and successful.

You can’t be a geek if you’re just a heavy user or consumer,  you can’t just consume something and call yourself a geek, yet you have to develop something, i.e. if someone is heavily using social media and social networking sites then he’s just a consumer or maybe an obsessed user, but not a social media geek, once he develops a successful related product or service then he might be a geek. Same goes for Art for example, if you’re obsessed about art, have a good taste and appreciate great art then your not an art-geek, if you develop or create art then you go as a geek.

what is a geek

I also think that we can never describe someone as just a geek, it has to be associated with a knowledge or skill, i.e. SEO-Geek, Science-Geek, Computer-Geek, Music-Geek, etc. Because you can’t be everything-geek unless you are Ibn Al-Nafis :) Yet for me if someone is described as a geek, with no association, then I consider it as a hardcore, quick and efficient developer, maybe because it’s more related to my field and developers or programmers usually get most of things done.

Get something done and successful then call your self something-geek.

What is a Geek?

  • Yousef Sawalha

    So you are a geek?

    • http://www.RaniDababneh.com Rani Dababneh

      I wrote it above, I don’t think that anyone should be called a geek, yet something-geek! So I’m not a geek, I might be SEO-Geek :)
      What type of geeks are you?!

  • Lara Nassar

    i actually like this entry.. i never thought about it. but your somehow right.. Geekiness if i may say is innovation and creation.. nerdness is just pure consumption and obsession. 
    i also may think that being a nerd means your obsessed with something so much you consume it to an extent that you no longer have social skills.. i think that is what you can call a nerd. 
    geek on the other hand, is obsession and creation.. with social skills :)

    • Lara Nassar

      and oh .. :) am an environmental-Geek :) haha 

      • http://www.RaniDababneh.com Rani Dababneh

        Awesome :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504402929 Adel Shehadeh

    Amman is arguably the most populated place in the world of what i call: mediocre wannabe geeks! 

    • http://www.RaniDababneh.com Rani Dababneh

      I can’t agree more :)

  • Amjad Masad

    IMO a huge distinction between a geek and a nerd, is the “free spirit”. Geeks may bend the rules in favor of creativity while nerds would stick to what they were taught (for example in school) and/or what they are told to do.

    • http://www.RaniDababneh.com Rani Dababneh

      Yea that also could be true

  • http://www.phil-duncan.com Phil Duncan

    Hey, I found this post when researching my own on geekiness. Amazing to discover where the word came from (german for ‘fool’) where it’s been and where it’s going, which I think you’ve got spot on! I’m an analytics geek and work with a bunch of other geekoids! You should check out http://www.robertpickstone.com for another excellent article about geekiness…

    • http://www.RaniDababneh.com Rani Dababneh

      You got some good observations there too :)